How to get Beautiful Energy

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You can do this by raising your energy level and aligning yourself with positive vibrations. It’s simpler than you may think. Start feeling positive energy flow your way.  Get Beautiful Energy.Positive Beautiful Energy

MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY.  If you feel good about yourself, it'll be much easier to project that inner contentment into the world. Look after yourself and make it a habit to do those little self-care things that make you feel good. It'll make a big difference in the way you carry yourself.

REMEMBER WHAT'S FACT AND WHAT'S A THOUGHT.  We’re human, so we’ll have less than flattering thoughts about ourselves sometimes. What we can do is rewire ourselves to separate fact from thought. A fact would be: I had a difficult conversation with my coworker. And the thought? The coworker thinks differently of me now. Focusing on the facts helps keep things in perspective and prevents you from manifesting those negative thoughts.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF.  When you’re feeling down, recognize and honor your thoughts. Try and be kind to yourself. Whether this means reciting your favorite mantra over and over again, or making an effort to treat yourself with compassion, just like you would a friend.

USE POSITIVE WORDS. Saying, I’m grateful for…, I am willing to..., I’d love to learn..., etc. will take you a long way. The way we communicate directly impacts the energy we give off, so using words like love, solution, happy, secure, etc. will channel a more cheerful outlook.

SMILE MORE. It's a small action that can make a big difference. Even if the smile isn't all that genuine at first, you'll start feeling better, become friendlier, and appear more outgoing to others, which will attract the positive energy you want.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE. There are dozens of ways to go about this. You could make a list each day of what you're most grateful for, you could express these thoughts to yourself, share them with a friend, etc. Reminding ourselves to express for the good things we have in our life make us feel more appreciative.

WORK TOWARDS ACCOMPLISHING A GOAL.  Working towards and then achieving your goals is massive confidence booster. Others around you will pick up on your empowerment and see that you value and believe in yourself and your dreams.

SEE OTHERS IN A FLATTERING LIGHT.  When you're speaking with someone, think of the things you love or appreciate about them. They'll feel the positive vibes you're directing towards them, channel that same energy themselves, and maybe even reflect it back towards you.

GIVE COMPLIMENTS. Showing you appreciate someone serves two purposes; it makes them and you feel good, and we all deserve those feelings. Start acknowledging when someone does something you admire and compliment them to create an instant boost in your mood.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  Put your phone away when you’re grabbing lunch with a friend, or turn the TV off when you’re cooking yourself a nice meal. Distractions prevent us from living in the moment and savoring even the most seemingly mundane tasks.

PRACTICE GOOD POSTURE.  Your posture is an excellent nonverbal indication of how you feel about yourself. Stand, or sit up straight, unfold your arms, and open up your shoulders to send signals that you’re approachable.

BE MORE GENEROUS.  Tip the waiter more, hold the door open for the person behind you, offer to help your roommate with a task, surprise your partner by cleaning the apartment, leave a kind note for a friend or a coworker. When you’re generous to those around you, you’ll nice a definite shift in the atmosphere and in the energy you attract.

PRACTICE GOOD FAITH. This isn’t about religion, it’s about knowing that the energy you give off is what you’ll attract. If someone upset you, don’t lash out. Take the time you need to calm down and constructively address it, or let step aside and refocus your attention. Take care of yourself, focus on gratitude, being kind to others, working hard, and surrounding yourself with positive influences. Keep your frequency high, and you’ll project the positive energy you desire.

Get Beautiful Energy

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