Glow in the Dark Super Stars 200 Pieces

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  • ◊ GLOW IN THE DARK: Our stars radiate long-lasting light that will illuminate any room with the perfect amount of soft star-like glow! Immediately experience the joy of sleeping under the stars. Recharge our stars using any light source and watch the night sky come to life before your very eyes..
  • ◊ STRONG ADHESIVE: These stars will remain stuck on many types of surfaces. 
  • ◊ ANY ROOM: With Glow Stars, you can open up a world of imagination, right in your room! Experience the magical glow and with the bonus moon, you will feel like you are really sleeping under the stars. Illuminate your room with the soft glow of stars, providing feelings of comfort and safety..
  • ◊ ASSORTED SIZES: Our box of stars comes with 200 pieces, with a bonus moon. Use our star to immerse yourself in a lifelike arrangement, creating your own Milky Way galaxy..

3D Glow Stars will create an enchanted,
the dreamlike environment in any room, providing fun for all ages.